TechSophy: Enabling Accelerated Automation of Business Processes

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 29 December 2016, 05:15 IST

For successful business operations, process automation and leveraging contextual data for objective decision making are of utmost importance. While admitting this, most modern day enterprises, paradoxically, prefer a cookie cutter approach - go for ERPs, CRMs, SCMs, and the like. However, it’s an indisputable fact that all the pre-packaged software put together can’t really handle the modern day process automation demands - in terms of compliance, market dynamics, supply chain adjustments, etc. This reality was not appreciated in the past, but has started picking up traction off late. So, it has become imperative for enterprises to build long-term relationships with their BPM service providers to build and deliver innovative process solutions to enable growth while reducing operational costs. 

TechSophy believes they have a ‘BPM Mindset’ that is entrenched in their culture and unlike other typical IT vendors providing BPM solutions, BPM is their core competency with several innovations to their name - platform migration, release management, test automation and social media enabled employee / consumer driven branding. TechSophy proclaims to have a product-agnostic approach to solve business process management challenges, instead of a traditional “solution first (i.e. technology stack, architecture, solution, etc.) problem next” approach that many current day vendors take. The company leverages their Product Mindset to dig deeper into the issues and understand them first, before thinking of a solution. “Get your processes right, results will follow!” exclaims PSK Varma, President, TechSophy. 

Proposing Automation of Application Delivery 
A significant number of enterprises are currently in need of migrating to a newer version or a different BPM platform altogether - perhaps due to certain limitations of the existing platform or mergers / acquisitions that necessitate the move. Built by people from BPM product development background, TechSophy has launched and leveraged MiGile, a solution for Cross Platform BPM Migration. It enables Automated Migration from MBPM (Metastorm) / Alfresco Activiti / Pega / IBM to Open Text Process Suite / IBM / Alfresco Activiti BPM platforms. 

Test Automation is another pressing issue that organizations tend to overlook. Either they ignore it completely or go for manual testing, compromising on the quality and timelines for the overall BPM implementation. TechSophy delivers most of their BPM services with automated testing, leveraging TaaSPro (Testing as a Service) for BPM, to ensure that customers sleep tight during the production and post production releases.

Being the advocates of process automation, TechSophy thought why not “Automate Software Delivery Process” itself? “The result is the Release Automation Solution, designed to meet the release management demands of applications built on BPM platforms – OpenText, Alfresco Activiti, Oracle, Pega, etc. It also accelerates application development and streamlines release management for SOA based applications, with a built-in feature set exclusively to suit the needs of Development, QA, Release and PMO teams. It enhances QMS implementation for the IT enterprise and seamlessly integrates with external systems like JIRA, Bugzilla, Test Manager etc. Above all, it provides a comprehensive view of project progress through an intuitive dashboard.

For most modern day enterprises, it is imperative to automate their marketing processes and govern content, enabling social media penetration across the organization, through employee and consumer driven branding. SocialConnext specifically addresses this need, coming to the rescue of enterprises. A leading multinational computer technology company in the US leveraged SocialConnext to effectively engage with their customers on social media.

Prospective Approach towards Automation
Leveraging their BPM experience, they are investing heavily in vertical solutions – Integrated Project and Expense Management System for the Construction Industry and Wealth Management & Loans Automation for the FinTech Industry are some of these endeavors. Also, TechSophy has plans in place to ride on the open source wave in the best interests of the customers, for their process and analytics needs.