Inspiredge IT Solutions: A 360 Degree Approach for Deploying Efficient BPM Solutions

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 29 December 2016, 05:11 IST

The drive for better quality, higher ROI’s, enhancing the efficiencies of business processes and security has really upped the competition between companies in their respective sectors. This in turn has increased the demand for the implementation of BPM solutions which assists stakeholders achieve their expected results. And with India being such a large country has a lot of untapped opportunity in terms of vendor opportunity and end user market as well. With this ‘demand and supply’ created, vendors are constantly looking to set themselves apart with innovative, faster and more valuable offerings in the market. Amidst all this, Inspiredge IT Solutions, with its operation centre in Andhra Pradesh, has created a niche space for itself in the BPM Industry. Inspiredge forms an extension to every client/enterprise in their business goal driving excellence through processes, enabling service delivery through effective technology platforms and subject matter experts. A blend of their technical expertise and sensibility to client’s business impact compliments the decision to engage them on their mission critical processes.

Expense Management Made More Economical 
The next biggest concern with organizations today is the ever increasing expense. Some of the expenses would include telecom, utility and travel and only few organizations know what they spend, on which products, or with which suppliers. Expense management thus has reached at a level where organizations consider it critical to bolster their bottom line growth, improve supplier and customer relationships, and compete with worldwide marketplace. Expense management and analysis provides foundation for organizations seeking to make better and more informed decisions with significant cost and operational benefits. 

Inspiredge’s TEM (Telecom Expense Management) process ensures that there is an authentic real-time inventory, accumulation of all bills and a stringent audit process. This enables the identification of any un-wanted services, contract violations and a detailed department wise classification of expenses. Inspiredge also directly negotiates with any vendor to get the best offer based on usage statistics. Their services include Management of Wireless, Wireline, Orders and Inventory; Invoice Processing, Auditing & Recovery; Benchmarking & Cost Allocation; and Negotiation of all contracts & RFPs. 

The benefits can be classified into both financial and operation benefits. Financial Benefits include Reduction in direct spending and Identify any fraud/billing errors/unauthorized charges. The Operational Benefits include realizing a more efficient use of employee time, streamline auditing, asset management, expense tracking, reporting and payment processes and organization level focus on core competencies.

Tailor Made Technical Service Offerings
Inspiredge offers Technical Services that are broadly classified into Professional Services and Managed Services. Under Professional Services, the company offers both Administration and Development Services for ServiceNow, Salesforce and other platforms. Customers can either tailor their implementation with a customized deployment plan based on their processes or select from application-specific packages called QuickStarts, which focus on specific processes and applications, and take an iterative, modular approach to driving IT transformation across the business. 

Their Managed Services include Sales Engineering, Implementation, Maintenance, Release Management, Event Monitoring, Break-fix, MACD and so on. Inspiredge serves Systems on Unified Communications, enterprise software and telecom infrastructure. ITIL delivery framework, Lean Six Sigma Operations and Customer Focus Approach are their edge in the Technology Service space. 

Deploying an All Round Solution to Manage IT Infrastructure 
Inspiredge's Eventedge tool is a 360 Degree solution that can be deployed in any organization in need to manage large IT & Semi-IT Infrastructure. EventEdge is a virtual NOC that enables proactive monitoring, action based on business rules and fault/problem management. It transforms the Infra-support model “from fixing to preventing” mode and supports SLA driven approach on for outages to ensure maximum up-time. The solution is built and customized for those in need to manage critical infrastructure events in a round the clock environment. 

The integration with Inspiredge’s In-House CRM that includes a Call Center Suite, SMS Gateway, Ticketing System and Intelligent Reporting System makes this a Single Stop Solution. The company’s in-house support team can also customize this tool as per the client’s requirement. Certain Salient Features of the application include Alarm/Event Monitoring, Call/Email/SMS Alert Notifications, Asset Management, Tower Poling, Preventive Notifications, CRM Integration and Intelligent & Customized Reporting.

Krishna Mohan Gadiparthi, Founder & CEO, Inspiredge IT Solutions believes that Inspiredge is a BPM Solutions provider with niche service areas and a vision to transform service delivery to Solution Delivery with accountability to its clients. Krishna signs off with his thoughts on the future of the BPM industry and of his own company, “the BPM industry as such is at verge of a make-shift to an automated solutions approach than bodies on the job. We are aligned to the shift and our premise of existence is solution oriented and not a commodity BPO approach.”